Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another milestone

Tonight I sang in the annual "Singalong Messiah" performance at my home church. I've been singing in this for thirteen years, and have been a soprano soloist for several of those years. Tonight was most likely my swan song, since I will (I hope) be working for another church next year. In one sense, it was very freeing - I felt utterly relaxed singing "Rejoice Greatly," including all of the melismas and ornaments, and a whole bunch of Bbs. In other, I was cognizant of the fact that this was probably the last time I'll sing this there, and it marks the end of a stage of my life. Bittersweet.

This has been a long day. I preached at Saint Middle School (it went well, I think) and led the Liturgy of the Word, working with a retired priest who did the Communion. I'm feeling less and less like a seminarian and more and more like an almost-clergyperson. I also led the Adult Sunday School, which was fun.

I'm off to the doctor's to get my platelet count checked in the morning tomorrow. I'm hoping the numbers remain high as I taper off the prednisone. Tomorrow night is our last Anglican Thought class for the semester. It will be a semi-busy week, but the end is in sight, and that's good. All these "last times"... strange sensation.


Mary Beth said...

You rock my world! Soprano soloist, indeed!!

I just made an appt. to donate platelets in your honor.

mibi52 said...

Oh, MaryBeth, you're just wonderful. Thanks so much for all of us folks with platelet problems.