Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Dots of Post-Christmas Tasks

  • Got my blood drawn - platelets were a wonderful 152. May they stay high until I have my spleen removed!

  • Saw the surgeon - she is a very sharp 30-something woman. She's done many of these surgeries, and she was very clear about the possibilities and risks. I feel good about her doing this. Now all we need to do is to come up with a mutually agreeable date to get it done. I'll be in the hospital for 3-4 days. then another week of recovery, assuming that it can be done laparascopically rather than as open surgery. Fingers crossed and prayers ascending.

  • Spent a good forty-five minutes at the DMV (the eighth circle of hell) to turn in StrongOpinions' plates from her beloved and now departed Saabie. The bad news is that it took 45 minutes. The good news is that I'll get a refund of 47 bucks in personal property tax. That's a little more than a buck a minute. Sweet!

  • Ordered a second pair of glasses for StrongOpinions from our favorite discount eyeglasses site. Took her to Costco (the ninth circle of hell) to get some prescriptions filled and pick up some other items prior to her departure for the Big Apple. Escaped without the credit card melting down or having an accident in the parking lot, something of a small miracle.

  • Stopped at the grocery store for some other stuff necessary for the trip and for tonight's dinner.

  • Dealt with some persnickety back and forth with lay leadership at Saint Middle School. Vacuums of power make some folks feel compelled to fill them immediately. Don't. Like. That.

  • Got the package for the evangelical preaching competition (a really long shot, since I don't really have that kind of a preaching voice) packed up and in the mail.

  • Still waiting for recommendations from the two professors for my package for the Big Preaching Competition (a long shot for reasons of the number of people who are in this one, but maybe a better fit for the kind of preacher I am). Trying not to be a crankypants about the recommendations, and trying to remember not everyone is as obsessive about getting things checked off the list as I am. Uuuuhhhh..wait a minute...wasn't I just complaining about laypersons at Saint Middle School who were doing the same thing? My bad.

  • Trying to remember how whizzed out I was when I went off to school, so I can be sympathetic to StrongOpinions, who is minorly freaking out about logistics. I love her and am proud of her, and know she can do all this. She's just not entirely convinced yet. Ah well.

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Lauralew said...

Gracious, you are busy! Glad your platelets are cooperating.

Understand how some lay people feel they have to fill "vacuums of power". Left my former beloved church basically for that reason--the year of seminary I had made me a threat because I asked questions that no other lay person was asking and suddenly I no longer was welcome there. I'm happier where I am now--questions are encouraged and welcome.