Friday, January 25, 2008


An interesting experience. Past infusions were in a hospital setting as an outpatient, with a nurse right there for the whole thing. This experience began with the stuff being delivered the night before (14 bottles of the infusion mixture take up a large part of a small refrigerator), and the nurse showing up in the morning, starting everything, then leaving. That would have been okay, except the line clogged up mid-afternoon, and again in the evening and I had to flush the line and put new tubing into the system. When I called the company to ask for help with the problem, they didn't send the nurse back over, they gave me DIY directions over the phone..and sounded somewhat annoyed that I had disturbed them with the call. Even after replacing the tubing and flushing the line, it ran slowly, so I didn't get done until 1 a.m. I had been told it would be done between 3 and 4 pm in the afternoon, so it was a definite downer. Thank goodness for PH, who was there all evening and night, putting up with me whining about how sick of it I was. And thank goodness for my friend K who sat with me most of the afternoon, and L who brought dinner. I am blessed.

Hopefully, today will be easier. We won't have the bottles, just one big IV bag, so that sould make it a little bit less of a pain. I hope there's a way to improve the flow so it doesn't take so darned long. PH will be with me for some of the day, then C will come over and hang out, and W, who's a nurse, will come over to take out the IV.

No, the infusion company doesn't send the nurse back to take out the IV...bizarre. I don't think I'll do it this way again. Better yet, I'd like to never have to do it again, period.

The good news is, though tired, I feel pretty good. Thank you, Lord.


Kathryn said...

So relieved to hear from you...You've been so much in my thoughts adn prayers. That whole thing sounds like a really grim experience and I do feel like shouting at the IV company on your behalf. Prayers that the process is easier today.

Towanda said...

Prayers continue for your health.

Cathy said...

Been thinking of you and continuing to pray - glad to know you are feeling pretty good!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Holy crap, they want to you to take out your own IV?

I hope you're feeling better soon!