Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Snort, snort, Cough, cough, ick.

Colds are nasty things. Mine is wandering around various body parts, trying to decide if it will migrate to my chest and become bronchitis, or simply stay in my head, making it well nigh impossible to breathe in bed at night. I usually get one bad old cold a year, and this is it. I'm hoping that this time next year, when I'll be taking the GOEs, I will not have this cold, or any other cold.

Speaking of GOEs, they started today. My lovely crew of GOE hospitality folks did a good job, with very little work on my part, providing the goodies that helped our seniors survive the first two sections of the exams. The reactions of the seniors reinforced my belief that GOEs cannot be studied for, one can only organize one's reference materials and pray.

StrongOpinions is home from the Big Apple, which she adored. I think she'll sleep for another day to fully recover. She may apply to a few schools there, transferring from her present tiny college in the shadow of the Flatiron Range. That'll be a culture shock. She'd only be two and a half hours away from us by Acela, as opposed to five hours by plane. I'd like that, although when she said her friend's neighborhood looked like a set from Law and Order, I had second thoughts.

Parenting is hard work.

Today is Litigator's 24th birthday. Holy cow - how did that creep up on me?

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