Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ends and Starts and Hiccoughs

So this day marked the end of January Term - I made it over to school for registration and for lunch with friends, and then I came home to crash for a couple of hours. I had grand plans of finishing the paper for my Jan-term class, but I fear I just didn't have the energy. Perhaps tomorrow after lunch.

Spring semester classes start tomorrow. A blessing - I only have one class tomorrow, plus community eucharist. I'm hoping for more energy.

Yes, I'm still coughing, despite my new inhaler. It's somewhere between a cough and a hiccup, thus the traditional spelling "hiccough" which seems an apt description.

My troubles are nothing compared with those of my classmates from Kenya. One has lost her house, all have heard frightening stories of families and friends under fire. My classmates are both Luo and Kikiyu, but they are supporting each other through this horror. Pray for them please, and for peace in that beautiful country.

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