Thursday, January 03, 2008

Foggy thoughts

I'm a bit foggy from all the cold meds, which only partially treat the symptoms of this catarrh that has me in its clutches. Nonetheless, I've gotten some good things done today. I got up early and went over to school to make sure my volunteers had gotten the GOE hospitality all set up. I ran over at lunchtime and a merry band was there, playing Hearts and applauding each senior as they came in from the rigors of exam-taking. Tomorrow my co-leader in this project will be back from Texas and can finish things up. Tomorrow is a light day anyway - they only have one exam section, in the afternoon.

I got about halfway through the sermon for 1/13, at my home parish. It's a very intellectual crowd, and it will be a challenge coming up with something that will be fresh for them. Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to preaching there.

I made dinner this evening for my best friend L and her family - roast chicken, roasted new potatoes, green beans amandine and fresh chocolate chip cookies. Strong Opinions and I brought it over to her. She looks so happy to be past the halfway point of GOEs.

So I'm back on the couch getting up my energy to make dinner for PH and StrongOpinions - roast salmon, mashed potatoes, asparagus. And the other half of the batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Life - even in the midst of a bad cold - is good.

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