Friday, October 19, 2007


Classes are done for the first quarter. It dawned on me the other day that in eight weeks I'll be halfway through Seminary. How did that happen?

I was volunteered at Middler Class Meeting (I was at Chapel team meeting) to be the Empress of General Ordination Exam prep. This will involve setting up prep sessions with profs, helping facilitate study groups, getting as much info from past seniors as possible about their GOE experience...apparently I was volunteered by acclamation. I can't figure out if this means they think I'm a smart puppy or I have a Mussolini-like ability to make the trains run on time. I suspect the latter.

It was also somewhat shocking to discover that I'm one of the better ones in Systematics. That truly indicates the sad state of scholarship amongst Episcopalians.

I'm sitting here listening to my ipod Spanish vocabulary...hoping it will enter my head by osmosis or something. Oh well.

Hard to imagine they will foist me on unsuspecting parishioners in a year and a half.


Towanda said...

Empress! Do I have to bow now when I read your blog?


Cathy said...

curtsying to the grand empress :)

Rev Dr Mom said...

My piece of GOE advice--don't start thinking about it this soon, and don't over prep--it's way too stressful. IMHO the best thing you can do is make sure you have good class notes and have your resources organized and where you can easily get to them.

And yes, seminary does go by quickly--more quickly than you even realize now!