Monday, October 08, 2007


Mondays aren't usually my favorite days. Trying to get back in gear after the weekend has never been easy, and it's only gotten harder now that I'm doing Field Ed on Sundays.

It is a wonderful thing having today as a holiday (Columbus Day, for my non-US friends). I got to run mulitple errands, have spiritual direction, and - blessing of all blessings - take a nap.

I nearly ruined it trying to read Karl Barth this afternoon, but stopped myself before I got brain freeze.

News on the family front: Strong Opinions has cut her hair, StoneMason is mourning the death of a friend, Litigator is still on track to graduate at the end of this semester, all the kids' flights home for Thanksgiving have been booked, and PH is trying to find a fourth rider to do the Race Across America - an 8 day bicycle race from San Diego to Atlantic City. His original fourth dropped out.

No, I will NOT be the fourth rider.

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Wayne Stratz said...

remember a story on NPR years ago-- more folk die of heart attacks on Monday mornings.... glad it is Tuesday as I write this.

saw you are a fan of Joni Mitchell. I am wondering if my affinity to jazz was nourished by listening to her 25 years ago???