Thursday, August 20, 2009


Strong Opinions is home for a few days, prior to getting going on her next year at the Ivy in the Big Apple. Her body clock is 180 degrees out from PH and me - she sleeps until noon and then is up and hanging out with friends until midnight. She seems pretty good, despite a cold, and is focused on her work for the coming year. She still surrounds herself with some pretty dysfunctional friends - I suspect she believes that all poets/writers must to this - but her plan for school/work/life for the near future is sound. Let's hope she actually follows the plan.

The job front is the Land of a Thousand Questions, none of which I can answer. I got an acknowledgment of information received from one place - a pleasant change from those employers who simply swallow your material into the maw and say nothing - and have heard not a peep from anyone else lately. August, don't you know?

I'm torn between packing for the move which will come at some point to somewhere, and reading as many books as I can while I have the time, and finishing knitting a sweater for a newborn little burrito of a friend.

In the meantime, there's a sermon to finish, a customary to write for the Altar Guild for the deacon's mass, and an Adult Ed session to complete.

I think I may knit.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Read the books and knit. If you can find some enjoyment in limbo land, grab it!

Mary Beth said...

hee hee, newborn burrito.

Maggie said...

Reading and knitting are the way to go, IMHO.