Monday, August 31, 2009

Small World

You may have noticed the widget that is down the right hand column of this blog - Feedjit, which tells us where the various folks who have come to this page came from. It has become one of my favorite things to do, to look who's coming from where and how, to read this blog. If you click on the real-time version of it, you get extra information, such as whether they got here through a link from another blog or whether they did a google search for something that pointed them in this direction.

So I wonder what the person from Saudi Arabia did when he/she Googled "modes of transportation" and got a link to a post I did on the subject when I was in - surprise!- Qatar, just over the border from Saudi. And the various and sundry people who Google sermons on specific pericopes and come to one of my sermons on the passage. I'm wondering, snarkily, if they are simply lifting from the sermons wholesale or just getting a few ideas...I'll pray for the latter, because the sermons aren't all that fabulous. Lots of traffic from the Phillipines, for some reason, but also from Europe. Very cool. And in the listings, I can see locations of friends and family who are now spread much further from me than they used to be, in the Dakotas, in Ontario, in Georgia, in the UK, in parts of this commonwealth.

For a long time, I thought (like Julie Powell in "Julie and Julia") that no one read this blog, because I got very few comments on the posts. This lovely little widget has given me an insight on how far it, or bits of it, has traveled.

So for those whom I may have inadvertently offended, I beg forgiveness. For those who have disagreed with me, let's love each other anyhow. For those who read and found some small thing that warmed them in some way, thanks be to God. And for the little things that surprise us, like widgets that open a window on the world, yes!

And I do love your comments, when the spirit so moves you. This is a conversation, although sometimes it feels like a monologue.


Lauralew said...

Here's hello from western South Dakota! The locator feed is great fun but I'm taking a break from blogging now; maybe I'll put it on mine when I go back.

I Googled my blog name once and was amazed to see how many blogs referred to mine, as well as where they were located. You just don't know, do you?

Cheesehead said...

I'm here! ~~waving~~

I haven't been very good at commenting lately, but I read you faithfully. I promise, which you know if you get a barely pronounceable town name in the Snow Belt on your widget.