Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I found some lovely things (on sale, no less) to wear for my ordination, under the alb, of course.

A black and white silk skirt with flashes of lime green.
A great lime green jacket that will work when I don't have the alb on.

I got a little white top to wear underneath it for other times, but the black clerical shirt will actually work well with this.

So am I brave enough to wear this on ordination day with these shoes? I'm afraid not, as adorable as they are. I guess my madness is under control.


Lorraine said...

I love the skirt! Where did you find it? Go ahead and tell me, because you're already in trouble with me for that link to the stole from Amani Ya Juu. (I didn't buy a stole, not yet, but several other lovely things forced their way into my basket.) :)

(my verification word is "rojecti" -- sounds like a churchy way of saying "rejected!" oy...)

mibi52 said...

Chico's sale rack for both items. They've also got it on their website. Go to town!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Very nice! and do the shoes come in black? :)

word verification: oholy