Sunday, April 19, 2009

Signs of the Times

I now own several clergy shirts, plus the requisite "Clericool" collars. No, that's not me on the right. I'm much cuter!

I also now own a white stole from Juliet Hemingray in England (can't show you a picture since she blocks downloading the pictures) and a red stole from Amani ya Juu - - in Rwanda (that's the one on the left). I'm still planning on the purple one (my SIL may be bringing me back some purple silk from the souq in Doha). Saint Middle School might be giving me a green one as they have with seminarians in the past. The stoles are gifts out of my stole fund - a year or two ago, I told family members that in lieu of gifts, I'd like a contribution to a fund to buy these things, since they can be rather pricey.
I've already got an alb and a cassock and surplice and a black wool cape for wintertime.
Now all I need is a place to wear them. Sigh.


Kathryn said...

Yay for Juliet Hemingray - just the loveliest designs, thogh sooooo expensive. I was treated to a Hemingray chasuble as a farewell gift from lady in training parish, which feels beyond spoily really.
Hoping/praying the right parish comes up v soon

Sophia said...

Oh, I'm so excited that you introduced me to the Amani stoles! They're not really my style, but they would be PERFECT for my closest friend here at seminary. Very nice! :-)

Hang in there on the job front. I've had no luck yet either... but I'm just trying to believe that it will work out.

mibi52 said...

All will be well for all of us. I'm reminding myself of that regularly, and every night at bed time, PH says "don't worry, you will get a job." Good husband!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Oh, I still want one of those wool cloaks!

Hang in there..the right job will come along!