Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Five (Hours, That Is)

Actually more like 5.5 hours of driving down and up Rte 95. For a 25 minute meeting, but that's okay.

The bishop said my plan made sense and we talked through some possibilities. He wants to confer with the suffragan and the coadjutor, since he will retire in a few months and they will have to live with me once he's gone, but he is still the Grand Fromage, so I am hopeful that the plan will work.

Now I need to start looking closer at some of the options and figure out how this might work...

Note to self: next time, take the car with the automatic transmission if you're going to be stuck in stop and go traffic.

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Kathryn said...

I should maybe print this off & post it in the car to discouorage moaning re 3hour + trip to Cambridge...It seems a long way in UK terms but I was at least there for a full 24 hours
Hope the way forward becomes clearer for you v soon