Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Fever

It made it up to 70 today, sunshine, blue skies. My bulbs are blooming despite being whacked by the newspaper - the delivery guy seems to aim for the flower bed - and so we've got some daffodils, a bunch of grape hyacinths, and even a tulip. The flowering trees are sprinkling their pink and white confetti on the sidewalks. There are goldfinches at the bird feeder. The cats are shedding madly.

The spring fever has manifested itself in a fit of laziness. I've got a passel of reading to do and a bunch of other stuff to start ( see below) but I just can't seem to get moving. I'm trying to avoid that "oh, cut yourself a little slack" moment, because if I procrastinate, I know I'll end up getting slammed with work in early May, and that wouldn't be good.

Oh well, I had better get reading...


Lauralew said...

Sounds lovely! We have SNOW. It just might interfere with my trip to DCA tomorrow. Ah well, we're in a greater than 7 year drought so we'll take any moisture that will come to us.

Hope to see you soon!!

Lorraine said...

Oh yes -- says I, after the same lovely day that you had. I'm sitting here watching "Top Chef" when I really ought to be writing something about atonement theory, or reading something.... or something! lol... But, a glass of wine and "Top Chef" is what I'm doing. So there. Tomorrow is another day.