Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Most Joyful Religious Experience of the Day

Goose Family 0614050005
No, it didn't happen at Saint Middle School today.

It was when I was driving to church. I turned down the ramp onto major boulevard leading to the highway, where all cars usually blast through at a minimum of 50 mph. But as I came down to the boulevard, several cars ahead of me were stopped. What could it be?

In a scene reminiscent of "Make Way for Ducklings," a goose couple were walking across the boulenvard, from the Mall of Many Ethnicities over to BJs Warehouse, shepherding their brood of four little goslings between them. The goslings still had their baby yellow down.

Once they had made it safely all the way across, and only when they had made it, the cars started moving again.

Now it may be that the only people who are up and driving at 8 on a Sunday morning are folks who love God's creation, but it still warmed my heart that those drivers waited...I just wished I had had my camera with me. The closest picture I could find is the one above, whose goslings are definitely older than the babies I saw this morning. Enjoy!

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