Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting Things Done

I've been procrastinating. It's one of the things I do best.

Some things, though, won't wait.

It reached up to the bare edge of 80 degrees this afternoon. I came home from school, and had a choice: read and write papers, or swap out the winter clothes for the summer ones. You know I was standing there in my jeans and hoodie, sweating bullets, so the clothing swap seemed more important. A half hour later, I was even more sweaty, but I was wearing capris (yes, I can still fit into last year's lightweight capris, thank goodness) and the job was done.

I felt very proud of myself, doing something household-ish, since I've done so little of that over the past several weeks.

Then I remembered I'm leading Morning Prayer in our Small Group on to the the various and sundry liturgical resources on my "liturgy shelf" to put that together. Another thing done. Yessss!!!

I started the reading for Ethics tomorrow, but the possibility that I might wrap up the final Systematics project tonight was nibbling around the edges of my brain, so I put down the book and started writing. The project is a women's weekend retreat related to the doctrine of sanctification; it's called "How to Be a Saint (or at Least Try) in Five Easy Lessons." That's what I've been working on for the last two hours, and I think it's done. I'll look at it afresh tomorrow and see if it still reads like a finished product. I sure hope so.

The laundry list of things I need to do is still somewhat daunting:

  • final rewrite of my sermon for Saturday night and Sunday morning and the finding of visuals for the Saturday night PowerPoint

  • reading for ethics class tomorrow (not a biggie in the grand scheme of things)

  • two study guides for my study group in Systematics (Augustine on Providence and Barth on Evil)

  • gathering up and shipping off the last of the voluminous paperwork for my candidacy interview with the Commission on Ministry

  • a major ethics paper on world hunger and debt relief, for which I've only just begun the reading

  • conversations with the two profs who may be my co-advisors for my honors thesis.

The question is this: having dived in to this afternoon of hard work, will I continue to chug along and get things done, or will this list of accomplishments for today be my excuse to become sloth-like again (see picture above)? Given that there are only three weeks until the end of the semester, I don't have that luxury, I guess.


jadedjabber said...

Oh you are such an inspiration to me. I am such a procrastinator. Way to go!!!

Lorraine said...

May I join you, sloth-like, on that branch? sigh... We had our huge Systematics exam last week (not exactly a "final" exam, more like an "almost-final"...covered just as much info, in my opinion) -- anyway, after that trauma getting motivated to finish everything else is really hard. I have a project (four-part class in Reformed Theology for new church members), a huge paper, a regular paper, an end-of-internship reflection, a self-evaluation of my internship, a sermon, and the liturgy for the worship service when I'll be preaching that sermon. aaaaaaaaaack........