Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big-Hat Night Part Deux

I avoided wearing the purple dress. Wore a tasteful black dress of the few from my old life as a lobbyist that fits these days.

It's so interesting to go to these things and observe people's behavior. Some folks cozy on up to the Bishops, some are terrified by them. Some folks drink nothing, some drink too much. I'm one of the middle-ground people. Two glasses of wine, some nice conversation, especially with our Bishop Suffragan (sort of an assistant bishop), with whom I had a great conversation re doing conflict resolution and interim ministries. He and I are going to have a follow-up talk about that.

The food was undistinguished Italian. I've been spoiled by eating the real deal in Italy and in a few wonderful restaurants here in the US...and by cooking school in Venice. This is the one thing I miss from my old life - expense account lunches and dinners on someone else's dime. Of course, the rest of that old life seems pretty pointless these days.

All in all, a good night, and the black outfit was a knit, so it expanded as I ate.


Lorraine said...

"Tasteful black" sounds just right for bishops. lol... Now, I'm off to look up the word "suffragan" -- it sounds like "suffer" so I'm wondering if that's what assistant bishops do? :) (Presbyterian here, so we don't have bishops. hmm.. maybe I need to do my required consortium class at Big Old Seminary..)

mibi52 said...

Come on over!