Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Five: Five Things I've enjoyed This Week

I'm sitting here feeling yucky from what feels like a bad sore throat/flu coming on, so meditating on things I've enjoyed may put me in a better frame of mind (I hope):

1. Small group worship this morning. Here at Big old Seminary, on Fridays we don't go to chapel in the mornings, we go to our faculty advisor's home (all faculty are given houses on the campus) for worship, fellowship, meetings about stuff. We had a lovely Presbyterian service led by one of our two advisors, some great coffee cake made by the other advisor, and some wonderful and frank conversation among our group of nine students and the advisors.

2. Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Ice Cream Bars. Sugarfree, so I don't feel guilty. Delicious so I feel indulged. Life is good.

3. A hug this morning from PH that made me feel so safe and loved in the midst of all this change and chaos and fear in my life.

4. The first rehearsal of the motet choir. It was so good to be singing with a group of good singers. I NEEDED to sing, even though my voice wasn't at its best. And the new choir director is awesome.

5. A commitment from my rector to help cover the cost of some vestments I need to buy. Whew!

I'm going away now to take some TheraFlu.


Olive Morgan said...

I've never heard of sugar-free ice cream bars. Where can I get them in the UK?

Sally said...

Hope you are soon better

Songbird said...

Feel better!

mibi52 said...

Blue Bunny is a US brand (I think they may be from Texas) so I doubt it has crossed to the UK yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if Tesco's or a big chain supermarket like that might have something like that. Worth asking the manager, to get a little ice cream fix!

revabi said...

Hope you feel better soon. And eat as many of the Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Ice Cream Bars as you want.