Thursday, March 16, 2006


Tomorrow morning, while I'm up at Big Old Seminary getting grilled by the Commission on Ministry, StrongOpinions will be on a plane to go visit Semi-useless Boyfriend out in WI. he's improving, though still a bit immature.

I'm transitioning back to graduate school. She's transitioning into adulthood, and college.

It's exciting and frightening and we each have fears about the other's transition.

She does seem excited about going off to college. I am also excited about going to seminary.

Thirty-six years difference in age isn't really so much after all.

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Sophia said...


My thoughts and prayers are with you as you head for postulancy interviews tomorrow!

Here's what everyone told me -

1. Breathe

2. Be yourself

3. Breathe

4. Listen to each question carefully and take your time answering.

5. Trust God and trust your sense of call.

Wishing you a Spirit-filled, vocation affirming day.