Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I got word late yesterday afternoon that I have been accepted into the MDiv program at Big Old Episcopal Seminary nearby.

I went Monday afternoon for the interview. I thought it went reasonably well, but spent the next 24 hours replaying every question and every answer in my head, wondering if I had done a good job or failed miserably. I sent a thank-you email to the coordinator, and she replied with the good news.

Of course, the acceptance is contingent upon my success at the diocesan Commission on Ministry interviews next month.


Another thing to be neurotic about.

For a month.

So tell me why I'm not losing weight under the stress (dang)!

In other good news, Useless Boyfriend sent StrongOpinions a lovely bunch of sunflowers for Valentine's Day. Maybe he isn't quite so useless after all.


cheesehead said...

Yay! Congrats, and many blessings on this new adventure!

Sophia said...


That's wonderful!

I'm in the opposite situation - I've been granted postulancy status (it happened just this past weekend, in fact!) but I am still in the process of applying to GTS!

Unfortunately, I won't be applying to the school near you. :-(

You WILL get through the Commission on Ministry interviews - it's rough, but it can be done!

Prayers are with you! :-)

Songbird said...

This is just wonderful news! I am so happy for you, mibi!!

mibi52 said...

Sophia - I'll lean on your choulder for my COM interview, and you can lean on mine for the GTS application. The weirdest thing - they kept saying how pleased they were about how complete my application was. Leads me to wonder if all the folks who apply send in bits and pieces. I guess I'm too anal to do that.

Thanks for the congratulations! I am so psyched!

Our COM interviews also include folks from vestry and the parish discernment committee, so I'll be bringing several people with me (the interviews are 100 miles away, so pray for good weather - we've been known to have snowstorms in mid-March, and Rt 95 is like NASCAR in the best of times).

There are two peices of paperwork that my COM "shepherd" needs to get into the diocese before Feb 28th. She is wonderful but swamped - prayers, please, that she'll find the time to finish the paperwork. Prayers, too, that I will be able to let go and let the process move as God wills it. Sublimation of my ego has never been a strong point.

Emily said...

Much, much congratulations!

Quotidian Grace said...

Congratulations, Mibi! And chocloate is very good for stress...

Marie said...

Hurrah! Congratulations!!! I'm in the midst of sych interviews myself. We don't have COM interviews, but I imagine it's a bit like the Bishop's Advisory Committee interview weekend I did back in November. Great that you get to take people with you!