Saturday, February 11, 2006

Working with Hands and Hearts

Members of our team pose with a lady whose home we rebuilt (interior sheetrocking and finish work) while in Mississippi. She's in the center with the red turtleneck on. I'm on the left with the white hat and black vest over red t-shirt. StrongOpinions is on the right in the black sweatshirt. The lady is currently living in the FEMA-provided trailer you can see behind us. We are hoping the finish carpentry and appliances and such will get done quickly, and that she can be back in her home by Easter. This is a story of hope amidst the ruins; there are many of these, but there are also people who are still in dire straits. While we were able to rebuild this lady's house, her next door neighbor's house was demolished while we watched. the house across the street, not 50 yards away and the same vintage as the one demolished, survived the storm with minimal damage. Such was the capricious nature of the hurricane.

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