Sunday, October 02, 2005

Knitting Blogging

Ah, yes, I know I've recovered from the trauma of GREs. I'm knitting again.

For several weeks I had focused on "The Ultimate Math Refresher Book." I've gratefully passed it on to StrongOpinions, who has SATs next Saturday. I can now concentrate on more important things, like doing the laundry, knitting, Koine Greek, and working on some troublesome legislation.

It has also turned blissfully cool here in Your Nation's Capitol. Thus, sitting and knitting while watching Jacques Pepin and America's Test Kitchen of a Saturday afternoon is not only possible, it's delightful. Perhaps PH's fisherman knit sweater will get done by Christmas, after all! The Spooky cat likes to cuddle alongside me while I knit. Who needs Prozac?

We three went out to dinner last night. StrongOpinions, as usual, shared her strong opinions with us. What a delight she is turning out to be! I'm such a lucky mommy!


Songbird said...

Knit without Ceasing, Sister. I like to think of it as Active Prayer.
I have a Fisherman Knit on the list of things to do, but I need to finish a few other things first (Gryffindor scarf--almost finished, just one stripe and tassles), a prayer shawl (half done), a baby blanket (why did I think *that* was a good idea? they take forever!!), and a few more dishcloths and scarves for the church fair. I think the sweater doesn't get on the agenda until Thanksgiving at least. Poo.
Glad the other kind of math is behind you!

mibi52 said...

I've also got a scarf (a funky Andre the Giant one) for StrongOpinions, plus various and sundry sock projects. Why do we do this to ourselves? Every time I go into a yarn store, I lose all self-control.

I usually do a "big" sweater project for a family member each year as a Christmas present, and my sister-in-law is due for the next one. She'll have to wait until NEXT christmas for hers...