Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Dots of Friday

  • Picked up fabric this week to sew a duvet cover for the down comforter for the master bedroom. Because we own a cat who likes to sleep on the bed and who tends to vomit regularly, I got indoor outdoor fabric for the main section of it. Undoubtedly the cat will either not vomit on the bed, or do it on the edge which is not indoor outdoor fabric. Y''know, because that's the way she rolls.

  • She also has a new trick: going inside the baby grand piano. You read that correctly. Not on top of. Inside. See picture. Not quite sure why her eyes look that way. May be demonic possession, or may be my lack of skill with the phone camera.
  • Going to get a haircut in a few. Should I go short, because it is easier what with going to the gym every day, or longer, because it looks softer and is warmer in the wintertime>? Danged if I know.

  • StrongOpinions wrote an intense piece for Yale's feminist magazine (she wants to go there for her PhD program) re TSA procedures. Read it if you dare. I'm proud of her, and equally proud that she stuck one of my favorite quotes from St Augustine in it. Don't know if I would have had the courage to write something like this back then, but maybe. I'm not sure how she'll get to Denver for New Years, but we shall see.


Lisa Lettau said...

All I can say is "wow". Well said Allie!

Lauralew said...

Read your daughter's article--outstanding. I don't understand why we as a nation are just rolling over. I have a flight coming up that I booked a long time ago. Thinking that it will be my last as I no longer have to fly for business. I love the train--thinking it will be what I will use from now on!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter's piece is fantastic. Well-written, brave, and, most important of all, honest. Prophetic even! Good for her for telling the truth and going where too many of us fear to trod.