Sunday, October 03, 2010

That Was the Sunday That Was

Today was the Blessing of the Pets.

A list of attendees included the following:

a guinea pig named Medium Morgan
a Great Dane named Winston, who came attired in a tie. Windsor knot and all.
a teacup Yorkie named Izzie
a collie named Saint
a yellow lab named Roy
a turtle named "Miss Turtle"
assorted other lovely dogs, some purebred, some a wild mix of breed
assorted shy cats


wait for it.....

a hen named Peep.

We held the service outside, since we have a beautiful outdoor chapel. The day was cool. It started sunny, but soon became overcast and a tad chilly. Some of our senior saints looked chilly but soldiered on. I blessed all the pets, no animal attacked or consumed any other animal (although several were looking longingly at Peep) and there was even some reasonably good a cappella singing by the assembled congregation.

All in all, a wonderful morning, but I am pooped, or Peeped, as the case may be! Here are some pictures for your giggling pleasure.

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