Thursday, October 07, 2010

News from around here....

I'm just back from the diocesan clergy conference. The program, on the spirituality of conflict, was apt and well-done, with the exception of the amplification system, which was less than stellar. Not the end of the world, of course.

Even though these are meetings of clergy, who should know better, these conferences often devolve into complaint sessions or "mine is bigger than yours" posturing. There was surprisingly little of it this year. Blessings to our bishops, who made this happen, and said some very powerful and encouraging things themselves.

Last bit of blessing: it was held in a place where there is no cell phone reception. I felt guilty about that for about three and a half seconds.

Cat update: Mia's tumor that was removed from her hind leg was diagnosed as osteosarcoma. That's a bad thing indeed. The vet will determine if it has metastasized. If it has, there is noting to be done except to keep her comfortable and escort her over the Rainbow Bridge when it is time. If it hasn't, he will amputate her leg, and she will live out the rest of her days as an Anglican three-legged cat.* When she had the first surgery, we set up a separate litter box, filled with shredded paper, in our bedroom, so she wouldn't have to go down to the basement and use the big box with the regular litter. She has decided that the upstairs litter box makes a fine bed, and she will use the much more private downstairs box for her business, thank you very much. Her dignity is restored now that the cone of shame has been removed. Cats are still cats, aren't they?

Folks are worried that I'm working too hard at church. That's sweet, but pastoral care needs must be attended to. And that's just fine. I'm doing a lot right now but I'm finding enough time to exercise, pray and get some alone time with my dear PH, so all is well. I've got a mentor, a peer support group, and a spiritual director. I know how to take a break when I need it. Much of Saturday (after exercise and the Farmer's Market) will be spent on the couch with Netflix and a good book.

Pledge campaign is starting this week. Praying that their excitement over new things happening here will translate into increased support for the good work we do here.

Okay, time for a snack and an hour at the gym before going home and writing Sunday's sermon.

* Anglican insider joke: we say that our denomination relies upon the three-legged stool of Scripture, reason and tradition...thus a three-legged cat is an apt pet for an Episcopal priest.

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