Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Our older cat, Mia, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She was to have surgery to amputate her hind leg - she had osteosarcoma - and she crashed as they were getting her IV started. Three doses of epinephrine and the paddles, but they couldn't revive her.

She was a shy girl, especially after we adopted Spooky, who quickly asserted herself as the bad-girl alpha cat in the house. She was particularly attached to PH, and liked to sit on the pull-out writing shelf of his desk as he worked.

She only became assertive herself when there was fish being served for dinner. Then she'd come to the dining room table, get up on her hind legs, bat your arm with her paw, and talk kitty baby talk to you to encourage you to give her a nibble of the salmon or the flounder or whatever.

She will be cremated and her ashes will be placed somewhere near where she liked to watch the birds and squirrels, perhaps by the birdbath.

Sleep well, sweet kitty. May you be somewhere where there is lots of salmon (preferably pan-roasted), many birds to watch (particularly cardinals), and a soft window seat to lounge on.


Anonymous said...

So sorry. (((((Mibi))))

whiteycat said...

Sorry to hear of this. I'm sure that Mia was a special cat and dearly loved. Human and cat prayers from all of us for all of you.

MarkBrunson said...

I grieve with you. I'm so, so sorry.

God_Guurrlll said...

It's so hard to lose a beloved kitty. I am holding you in my heart and in my prayers.

mibi52 said...

Thanks, friends, for your kind words and prayers. It is so odd to be here in the house and not hear her little meh-aow, or to see her try to follow PH in to the bathroom in the morning. Spooky is wandering around wondering where her buddy is. Ah well.