Saturday, June 26, 2010

Still Here

It has been another extraordinarily busy week, with some sudden hospitalizations amongst parishioners and some other work that needed attention. The secretary's new computer is ordered...the coming week will be taken up with getting it up and running. Fingers crossed and prayers ascending!

In the midst of it, I finally finished the drapes and roman shade for the master bedroom. They look pretty decent. I've still got to do the valances, but first I have to decide what design I'll use for them. Once I figure that out, they shouldn't take too long to finish up. Then I think I'll put the sewing machine away for a while.

I've also started a weight-loss/health management program. Rationally, I know all the stuff I need to do to lose weight, but unless I'm in a program, it seems, I can't stick with it. So I'm hopeful for this one, which is doctor-run and has an excellent reputation. I've already lost eight pounds, most of which I am sure is water, but I'll take it! We do weights and cardio three times a week, and it is intense, although they are very cautious so no one gets injured. We'll see what happens over the next ten weeks (the introductory course). I must say I'm feeling a see bit healthier already!

Time to finish up the sermon - lots of ideas floating around Elijah and Elisha - hope it comes together in a coherent way!


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