Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Five: Running Late!

1. Do you tend to be a late person or one who is timely, arriving on time or earlier?

I don't much like it when others are late, and I try to be prompt myself. As I get older, though, I am finding myself always running a few minutes behind. Well, not always, but often enough that it causes me indigestion.

2. Have you forgotten anything of importance lately?

Nope. That's what lists are for, and the Droid. If I didn't have those tools, though, I'd be in deep trouble.

3. Is procrastination your inclination? Why or why not?

This is really about things I don't want to do. Then I vacillate between two poles: I tackle it first thing, before I can procrastinate, or I let it shuffle to the bottom of the pile where I can forget about it. The list thing, though, makes it harder to ignore.

4. Do you like schedules or spontaneity? Which works best for you?

Definitely schedules. Don't much like not knowing what the day will bring, which is pretty ridiculous in ministry. I guess the illusion of control has the same effect as decaffeinated coffee - it tastes enough like the real thing that I can convince myself that it really will have the same net effect.

5. How do you stay on track with the various things you need to, people you must meet, etc., etc.?

Google calendar, on my computer and on my Droid, plus a paper family calendar on the frig at home to coordinate with PH.

BONUS: Whatever comes to mind about forgetfulness or lateness.

I'd tell you about a song that I vaguely recall...something about "but you forgot to remember," but I can't remember enough to retrieve it...


Mompriest said...

I struggled with the bonus question too and posted a poem that is more about the challenges in life we have to live through and not's not really on point, but it's what I thought of...good play.

Jan said...

I love your photo of you on the segway! Showing my ignorance--I assume a Droid is like the i-phone?

mibi52 said...

Yup, Jan, the Droid is the Verizon/Motorola version of the IPhone.

Anonymous said...

回應是最大的支持^^y~~~甘吧嗲 .................................................................

mibi52 said...

So does anyone know how to get comments in Japanese to translate into English?