Thursday, June 17, 2010

Procrastination Post

I really should be settling in to write the wedding homily and the sermon for Sunday's HE/Baptism, but I'm just sort of blah today. It happens that way sometimes. I should also be editing the content for the new website, but I don't have the energy for that, either.

Part of this is due to the fact that I drove PH to the airport at 4:45 this morning. Cheap flight to the Windy City for a conference, and I promised him I'd drive, since he's doing this one on his own dime rather than having it paid for by the Professional Association of which he is president. I think they should cover this, since it's a related organization, but that's not my business, so I'll hush up about it now. I got slightly lost driving back, since the exit from the airport goes out another road from the entrance. Still, I got to see the sunrise and a couple bunnies hopping across my lawn in the half-light. I also got to do some final cleaning up of our house prior to the arrival of the lovely seminarian friend who is using our place as a halfway point in her journey south to her own diocese. She and I will talk about the General Ordination Exams - she's looking for guidance as to how to prepare, and it really isn't something you can study for or prepare for, other than organizing your resources. That and pray.

The other part of this is that I've been doing a lot. I've been here 45 days, and have done two services each Sunday, introduced a Wednesday service, done a funeral, am about to do a wedding and a baptism, have done 15 pastoral visits or meetings with folks who haven't seen someone in a collar in quite some time, have taken the Vestry on retreat to develop a mission statement, have started up the process of developing the new website, have helped celebrate Eucharist at a nursing home, have redesigned the bulletin, restarted the monthly newsletter....the list continues from there.

Taking the day off has been complicated by the funeral, the wedding, the Vestry retreat, and other stuff. I try to take some comp time on other days, but it's a challenge right now. Still, the exhaustion I feel is a result of this.

So I'll give myself a little grace today, putter some, get some stuff done, and look forward to tomorrow, my putative day off, until I have to go conduct the wedding rehearsal at 5.

Thank you, Lord, for this call to ordained ministry. Now could you please clone me so I can get everything done without frying myself to a crisp?

Time for a bit of chocolate, I think.

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KimQuiltz said...

Just READING about your recent activities wears me out, I can't imagine DOING them! :P

Blessings and chocolate and some time to put your feet up before you hop back into the fray, my friend.