Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Midweek eek

The endless list of things to do continues. Not a bad thing, just, well, endless.

I had a great meeting this morning with the new interim vicar at St Middle School. They will like her and I believe she will like them. Bright, engaged Christians who are not afraid to ask hard questions, they also put their time and money where their mouth is.

Last night was the fourth premarital prep session for S&J - one more and they will be done with this part of their preparation. Sweet couple. I'm privileged to work with them. I do love doing this work!

When I came home, PH had loaded all my boxes of assorted office stuff (books, resource materials, etc, etc) into little Red (his Volvo S40 wagon). I am heading out momentarily to drive south for three purposes: to measure all the various dimensions of the new house so as to plan where furniture will go, to meet with the current interim at my new church and the senior and junior warden to discuss all sorts of stuff, and to unload said boxes. It will be easier to organize the rest of the stuff that needs to be packed and moved in the house if my church stuff is out of the way. At least that's what I'm telling myself. In any case, it's easier to move it once (from my house in Alexandria to the church in Richmond) than it is to move it from my house in Alexandria to my new house in Richmond to the church in Richmond. That's my belief, at least.

The acolyte corps in the Church by the Lakeside has invited me to tea the day before our first Eucharist together. Should be interesting. Given that the acolyte corps is something of a well-defended highly formalized institution at this place, we shall see what this means. For now, I'm presuming it's a warm gesture of welcome.

I'm hoping the drive south will be uneventful, that the unusually warm weather we are experiencing will not bring out the NASCAR attitudes of the drivers on the road, and that the sexton will be around to help move the boxes into the office. If not, I'll be on ibuprofen for the rest of the week.



Mary Beth said...

Wow. A "corps" of acolytes. It does sound a bit daunting. Maybe they are like "christian soldiers"?


mibi52 said...

Actually, they are drilled as tightly as a Marine platoon. Yeah, the Church Militant. That's part of the problem, I am told. It's sort of like robots, without any grace or sense of their role in the liturgy. And they block the way into the sanctuary until the processional is completed. My bishop suggested strongly that I fix that. it will be an interesting opportunity, I suppose, or a royal pain...the interim tried to change things, and it devolved into a very tense moment before the processional on Easter Sunday. Oy. Every parish has a story...