Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yes, I've been busy...

Sorry I've been a bad blogger lately. Too much to do, not enough time to do it in.

So the bullet-point version of my life right now is as follows:

  • Wrapping up my work at St Middle School on Easter Sunday.
  • Last Vestry meeting this evening - went well - good folks - I'll miss them.
  • Trying to get the land transaction for the parish done, or mostly done, before I go. Meeting with the county tax assessor next week regarding this. Don't ask - government isn't supposed to be logical, you silly goose!
  • Visiting some parishioners in need of attention prior to my departure. Sad to leave some in mid-crisis, but God will be with them and he is ever so much more effective than I am at Pastoral Care.
  • I'm trying to get slightly ahead of the curve on bulletins, because we do the whole service in the bulletin, not just page numbers and hymn numbers, and it's a chore an interim shouldn't have to do right out of the box.
  • We have a contract on a really lovely house. Negotiating an adjusted price now based upon the findings of the house inspection. Old houses are an interesting challenge.
  • Thinking about the physical move gives me the fantods. Mover is coming tomorrow to give an estimate.
  • Thinking about where to begin with the Church by the Lakeside...I suppose a good way to start is to just get to know the people and get to love them before I start to move the chess pieces around, right?
  • Church by the Lakeside is planning an insert in a ValPak mailer - one of those collections of little ads that comes by snail mail - advertising my impending arrival. I feel sort of like the new model year Prius - will she be good and really energy-efficient or will she just race around and the brakes won't work? When they asked for a picture of me that I liked to include on the ad, I about spat up my coffee. No such thing exists.

Thinking about StoneMason, whose 24th birthday is Monday. I wish he were here so I could bake him a cake, but his sibs are all going to the North Country to go snowboarding with him, so he'll have a fun time. He has another competition next weekend, then flies out west to coach at the snowboarding nationals. What a guy!

So very tired. Time for bed. BBL.


Kathryn said...

All of that PLUS Holy Week makes me feel kind of shell shocked...Having left my curacy on Easter Sunday I can only offer prayers that it's a less searing experience for you...and utterly endorse your feeling that getting to know/love people was your priority at your new church. It was, as it happens, the agreed priority for my first year here - and I think it helped all round. Blessings

Maggie said...

Good luck, Mibi!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Do you have Neal Michell's book How to Hit the Ground Running? You can get it from Church Publishing. I found it a good read, even if I didn't do all that it said.

mibi52 said...

RDM, I'm going to check out that book. Thanks for the reco.