Monday, March 08, 2010

On the Verge

...of having a contract for a new house. We have been in negotiations all day, and I just made the final counter offer (we are very close in price now). Only downside is that the beautiful window treatments in the master bedroom will not convey, since they match the owner's headboard. Ah, well, I can do window treatments.

There is currently no washer and dryer, so I guess I get to go appliance shopping, so if you have any experience with recent High Efficiency washers and dryers, you are welcome to offer your suggestions.

We have also decided to buy ourselves a new queen-sized bed, and relegate full-sized one we currently use to the guest bedroom.

Since that full-sized bed was an "inheritance" from one of PH's former parishioners - it was old when she gave it to him 20 years ago, and since the mattress is probably also 20 years old, we feel no guilt. Or maybe just a little.

If you're wondering why I'm so very excited about this house, check out these pictures of the kitchen and the breakfast area:

Yes, there is a gas cook-top, as well as a grill cooktop with a downdraft vent.

And yes, there is a separate little bar sink in the breakfast nook...I think its primary use will be to load water into the coffee maker that will probably live on that counter. There's some other good stuff, too, like an amazing back yard, lovely bedrooms, a rec room for PH to finish in the basement...dear God, let this thing come to a good conclusion!

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