Monday, March 08, 2010

It's a deal!

We came to a verbal agreement on the house. TBTG! We'll be doing paperwork tomorrow.

I'll go down there on Monday to do the house inspections and such. Hoping there are no major hiccups there, although with a house that is 80 years old, there will most likely be some issues that we'll need to talk about. I'll be busy with a camera and a tape measure as well.

The most wonderful thing, of the many wonderful things, will be to have my piano back again. While we've been living in seminary housing, my piano has been living at my sponsoring parish. They have taken loving care of it and have put it to good use, and will pay to move it to our new abode. But what joy to have it back again, even though my pianistic skills are pretty limited by arthritis and lack of practice.

If all goes well, we will close the week before I start the new position.'s really happening...

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Rev Dr Mom said...

It's wonderful when all the pieces start to fall into place! Congrats on having a new place to live!