Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mother's Day has been a little odd, with none of my kids anywhere near. One called, the others sent lovely flowers and will probably call later since they're on West Coast time. I'm so glad they are all coming to ordination.

I spent the weekend at the beautiful diocesan retreat camp way far away - it was my next-to-last time with Saint Middle School and I can tell in the way that things have gone uncomfortably silent that they probably aren't going to offer me even part-time work during their transitional period. Not a total surprise, since I can see what the numbers look like as well as anyone.

What has been most difficult about this long hard slog with no results on the job front is all the folks asking me what's happening in my search for employment. God love them, I know they love and care for me, but every time I have to say I don't have anything yet, it hurts a bit. I know the question isn't meant to hurt, and that this is my stuff I'm working through, but it feels like the broken glass of failure spoken aloud.

So for those who love me, know that you will be the first to know when I've got good news (or for that matter, vaguely promising news). Just pray, please. For that I'd be very, very grateful.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Oh man, I TOTALLY get that! Same here.

Praying for you.

Rev Dr Mom said...

And btw, rector searches can more slower.than.a.snail's.pace. Excruciatingly slow... so don't give up on the place you talked with.

Maggie said...

Hang in there :)

Mary Beth said...

Praying a lot.

WV = 'progro'. I hope that is like "progress"!