Friday, March 06, 2009

Random Dots of Friday

Good news on the diaconal ordination front - my interview with the Commission on the Priesthood went swimmingly.

Bad news on the job front - I won't be getting a call to interview at two different places because they think I am too old for their job opening. Ageism still lives in the church. The frustrating thing is that if I could have an interview, I could overcome their objections. But without a foot in the door, it's impossible, even with the best resume in the world. Nothing like being assigned the label "crone" at a glance. Ah, well, the rant is now officially over. Ever so slowly, there are other opportunities opening up, and I am hoping that someone will want to talk to me. God wants me to do this. I know it, and everyone who knows me agrees. Now I just need to find the place God wants me to be.

Semi-good news on the thesis front. I seem to have broken the logjam that was blocking my writing. It isn't going quickly, but I got another few pages done, and have mapped out the next few.

Speaking of logjams and other unsightly messes, there was a miscommunication about when I was supposed to preach next. I was told the 15th. I found out yesterday that I am expected to preach on Sunday. So yesterday afternoon and this morning were spent churning out a sermon. It ain't pretty, but it has a good take-away, I think, so thanks, Holy Spirit, for bailing us all out once again. It's good to know that I can imitate my beloved Calvin Trillin, the "Deadline Poet," and turn out something that's a step above doggerel when necessary and on a tight deadline.

Prayers, please, for a parishioner whose son had a heart attack and was found after he had been without blood to his brain for an hour. His body lives, but his brain does not, and she is in such misery. Parents are never ready to lose their child.


Lauralew said...

Good news for the interview. Bad news on the ageism front. I'd rather have a priest who has had some life experience, for God's sake! Hugs to you and prayers on this issue.

Glad to hear about the broken block. Walking away then returning can be so helpful.

Kim said...

You are so not a crone. But if you insist, you have to read Annie Lamott's chapter on crones in Traveling Mercies.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Ageism is indeed live and well in the church. The year I graduated from seminary it went both ways, too. I was "too old" for some positions, but some of my younger friends were "too young" for some positions, too. In both cases, had we been interviewed we might have convinced them we were qualified, too. It is very frustrating.

But you will find a place that is right for you, and they will be lucky to have you!