Thursday, March 26, 2009

Page Count Update - Thursday

Only up to 47 pages. Three and a half today. A little drama that needed attending to, plus a job interview that is probably not the right place for me, ate into the day in a very annoying way. Still about five pages away from being done with the chapter. Maybe tomorrow I can wrap that up and start in on Chapter Five. That shouldn't be more than twelve pages (famous last words) and the Conclusion chapter no more than five. If I can get this draft written prior to Holy Week, it will be a.good.thing. I've got three sermons to write for Holy Week. Dang. Time to pray: " The day is over. What is done is done..."

Oh, and StrongOpinions got another tattoo this evening.

Parenthood is hard work. Writing a thesis is hard work. Thank God for God.

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