Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Page Count Update - Tuesday

I'm now at 66 pages. Finished Chapter Five and am into Chapter Six, the final one. I still have another page or two to do on the second excursus, but I've decided to come back to that after this chapter is done.

This horse is heading toward the stable. If I don't get it done by Friday night, it will definitely be done by Monday, when I meet with my advisor.

The first list of seniors' new jobs was posted this morning. Two surprises, one not-so-much surprise, a few others that I had heard were in the works. The Diocese of Texas folks are in the home stretch of finalizing their curacy placements - the diocese places them. Okay, God, give me a clue here. Most of us don't have jobs yet. Just a wee bit stressful. Sigh.


Mary Beth said...

So impressed with your ongoing progress. Yay you!

praying for the job.

word verification is "curead." Is that one who is indeed placed as a curate!?

Rev Dr Mom said...

Yay for the thesis progress!!

I was offered my job on the day before graduation...and I was not the last person in my class to find a position. I know the pressure and anxiety are awful, but you will find a place--hang in there!

Leigh said...

Hey, friend,

Didn't know if it was good to post the first "Glad Tidings" or not. (I've gotten feedback both ways.) If it helps, I think more people have jobs but haven't told me yet. The best piece of wisdom I've heard about this so far has been from our friend with crazy hair, whose name rhymes with Smen, and that is: "You have to believe that there will be a seat for every butt." I certainly believe that there will be a seat for your derriere! :)