Sunday, November 02, 2008

Icon Update

You saw the icon of Sophia, the Wisdom of God last week with its gilded halo and most of the lines of the drawing in black. This is what it looks like now, with the base coat of the colors. Sure, there's lots of red there. But Sophia, not being human but a representation of God's wisdom, has red skin. (Normally the base coat for skin is a deep olive made primarily with yellow ochre.) The skin, wings and gown will eventually look very different as the subsequent layers of color are added. The skin will have grey-ish overtones, the wings some orange, and the gown blue. Watch this spot over the next couple of months to see the changes. Nothing next week, though - my teacher is away on retreat and I am at a conference in Charm City.

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Rev Dr Mom said...

The icon writing process is fascinating. Thanks for sharing it.