Sunday, November 02, 2008


We did have a lot of adorable little people in wonderful costumes. We asked one little girl if she was a princess and she said, "No. A QUEEN!" Role inflation.

They are so serious when they explain what their costumes are..and often I still can't understand who they are, since I'm so out of touch with kid culture these days. But they were wonderful.

I'm not quite so crazy about the teenagers who came later in the evening, who didn't even make the effort to put on a costume. They just showed up with backpacks strapped to their fronts, and were filling up said packs with candy. Somehow that doesn't seem right to me. On the other hand, it was good to get rid of the candy. Even though I don't particularly like, I tend to eat it if it's hanging around.

Hard to believe it's only eight weeks to Christmas, and (gulp!) ten weeks to General Ordination exams.

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