Thursday, September 04, 2008

So I'm Imagining the Conversation...

Scary Dad: Boy, you got our daughter in trouble. Now you've got to pay the price.

"Fiance:" Yes, sir, I know that. I've already promised you that I'll marry her, even though I'm only 18 and don't have a job yet and we'll probably have to live with you.

Mom: Yes, yes, that's all well and good...but you have to do one more thing.

"Fiance" pales and gulps, thinking of their facility with large weapons: What, ma'am?

Mom: You have to go on stage with us when I give a big speech and smile a lot to show how what you're doing, the manly thing and all, is what you REALLY WANT to do. You do want to do the right thing, don't you?

"Fiance:" Yes, ma'am.

Scary Dad: And of course it's going to be on national television, so everyone can know your shame and humiliation. Yessir, you have to pay the price.

Mom: And maybe other young people won't make the same mistake you two made.

"Fiance" thinks maybe he got into more than he bargained for.

Sad and manipulative.


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