Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Thanks for putting up with the whingy-ness yesterday and offering words of support. It was a stressful day and was probably not a good time to meet with that particular mentor, whose behavior was utterly consistent with the way said person has always been. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was feeling rather vulnerable and anxious.

The short version of what had me upset was a change in plans re Field Ed (not my change but my supervisor's) that causes me to have to deal with the ramifications of the change with both the seminary and my diocese. It makes life complicated but may also present some interesting learning opportunities if it plays out as I hope. But it will take a while to sort, and I don't like sitting in the middle of other people's decision-making processes. It also affects others whom I care about. In the end, all will be well, but the in-between time is a bear.

The good news is that I had spiritual direction today for the first time this fall, and as always it was wonderful. My spiritual director is such a gift to me.

Tomorrow is my spiritual direction class, where I learn about how to do this wonderful discipline. That class just feeds my soul.It's worth it, even though it runs to 9 at night and is 40 minutes from home. I'll be doing a guided imagery prayer on my St Gabriel icon.

And Friday, I get to go away for a brief (Friday night through Saturday early afternoon) retreat with my classmates. All of this is a reminder of how necessary the practices of one's own spiritual life are, even or perhaps especially when one is in ministry.

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