Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some Churches have Church Cats

Our seminary chapel has a raccoon. Actually, now we have several raccoons. Apparently, a female raccoon set up house in one of the window wells, then gave birth to seven baby raccoons (what are they called? Kits, maybe?). One of the sacristans spotted them, at which point the mother raccoon ran away. The groundskeepers removed the little ones from the window well and put them in a box with a towel in the bottom, then put the box in a sheltered place near where they came from. They are quite beautiful and their fur looks exquisitely soft. I hope the mother comes back soon for them. Otherwise, heaven only knows how long they'll survive.

Speaking of surviving, tomorrow is exam day. Systematics in the morning, Ethics at night. Oh, my!

The day starts off with a bang. I'm on chapel team this week for Morning Prayer, and on Thursdays we are permitted to do "experimental" services. So we will be having a bluegrass Morning Prayer, at which I will be officiant. I have no idea if this will be successful or not (twasn't my idea, but I'm game for it). I do know that it will help put the stress of the exams in perspective.

And if that doesn't do it, I'll go check out the baby raccoons again. Or eat some chocolate. Or both.


Lorraine said...

Good luck on the exams! Your semester lasts longer than ours (we finished last week), although we got NO reading week this year so that may explain it. And eek... Systematics and Ethics in the same semester! yikes.. I'm taking Ethics in the fall -- three other courses with it, but that will be the hardest one.

As for those raccoons, if the mom doesn't come back Animal Control will pick them up and send them to a wildlife rehabilitation place. At least here in Arlington they do. Although -- in all your free time you and your classmates could hand-feed them and raise them up as the chapel mascots. heehee

[and, that was a joke about "free time"]

Sophia said...

Hope the final exams went well! Are you done for the semester now?

Sorry to hear that you are interning full time this summer, but I hope it's a great experience nevertheless. And then there's August!


Mary Beth said...

Um...sorry to be icky, but watch out for fleas with those raccoons! We have had possum(s) in the yard and attic and now we are paying that price. :P

Hey, I'll be at a conference in DC next week...I know you are super busy and I will be too, and that you also don't live in the city. But wanted to let you know that I'm going to play hooky from the conference on Tuesday night (5/27) and go to the National Cathedral for the Cathedral Crossroads program
between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. . If there's any way you could or would want to join me, I would LOVE LOVE to meet you. Or if there'd be another time during the week - I'm there Monday thru Friday. Email marybethbutler AT gmail DOT com.

Let me know. I totally understand if it doesn't work out.

Hope all the exams went well! Many blessings!