Monday, May 19, 2008

In the Liminal Space

Yeah, "liminal" is one of those seminarian words, isn't it?

So this is the week between the end of school and the beginning of the summer internship. I'm trying to chill, but it isn't coming naturally.

The day began with a trip to Physical Therapy, to continue dealing with my rapidly aging shoulder and computer-mousey elbow. Done by 8:30, and I headed back home.

At home, I began to tackle the desk, which looks like the paper volcano erupted. My first pass through was to find all papers that were shreddable, since they had the big Shred-It truck on campus this morning. Got rid of a bunch of old stuff and it felt cathartic. I need to go back up there and seriously clear and file and organize, but I felt like taking advantage of what a gorgeous morning it was, so I went for a 45 minute walk. The first honeysuckle is out, and the sweet luscious smell was better than Prozac.

So now I'm back from the walk, getting ready for my Healthy Choice lunch (I'm trying not to look at the ingredient list) to brace myself for the desk. I expect it will take me all afternoon, but that's okay. For the first time in a very long time, I don't have anything else to do.

I have a plan of attack to start off the honors thesis, but it won't be this week.

Just waiting for the Netflix movies to show will be complete.

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Lorraine said...

Enjoy your liminal. (yes, a good seminary word, lol...) -- I'm there too, although I don't have a summer internship. But I'll be taking the Presbyterian ordination exams in August, so we're gearing up to study for those. Six of us, all who live in the same area, so that's convenient. I'm taking this week off, and part of next, then we start.

My desk also has the same paper volcano. And the book explosion. And I have NO motivation to do anything about it. And on this lovely rainy day {insert sarcasm here} I might just watch "Clean House" and "What Not To Wear" on TV, and continue to ignore the desk.

And by the way, how's the "Fat Club" working out? I have had good success, even with a church retreat thrown in to derail me (think "berry pie" and "sausage for breakfast"...but it sure did taste good!).