Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Things

Today is my first day at my summer field internship at Saint Diverse. An apt name, since it is diverse in all ways. Single priest on staff, so I'll get to do lots of stuff. I'll even get to preach five Sundays and three Wednesdays.

Unlike Saint Middle School, where I do Field Ed during the school year, Saint Diverse is just a few miles from home, about 15 minutes in rush hour traffic. Given that gas is now $4 a gallon, that's a good thing. Saint Middle School is 40 miles away.

It's such an interesting thing seeing how different priests approach the work and the liturgy each in their own way. I spent a couple hours this morning with my supervisor, learning how he does things and why he's made the choices he has. I'm fortunate to have such thoughtful supervisors.
It is still odd to be away from school. I just ordered some books for the honors thesis - preliminary summer reading. I've started laying out the beginnings of my summer pastoral care project. I feel like I should be doing more, but with the sermon prep, the summer project, and beginning the reading for the thesis, I probably shouldn't worry about it.
Luther was, in his early life, afflicted with an overly developed sense of scrupulosity. I fear I've got tendencies in that direction, too.
PH is riding the two-day MS150 in Capital of the Confederacy this weekend, a training ride for his participation starting June 11th in the Race Across America, a 3000 mile event going form San Diego to Annapolis. He's part of a four-person team and they expect it will take them 7 1/2 (!) days. I am riding neither 150 miles, nor 3000, just trying to get in a 45 minute walk every day in hopes of continuing to lose weight - I've gotten stuck on a weight-loss plateau and I know that only exercise will get me past it.
So that's the news around here. I've got Vestry Meeting at Saint Diverse tonight - always an interesting way to know what the dynamics are in a parish.

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