Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday This'n'That

I preached this morning (see below). It went well. I'm relaxing more and more, really engaging with folks, and I'm so enjoying the process of writing and delivering the sermons. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

A little group of us have joined what my blogpal Cheesehead affectionately calls "Fat Club." It is, of course, that place which has meetings rather akin to AA ("Hello, my name is Mibi and I've lost 2 pounds this week.") with the program that requires you to count points. The upside is that there is no food that is truly illegal, but the yummies carry more points, so if you play by having something like a slice of bittersweet chocolate torte, you pay by not having much points for anything except a whole lotta salad with a little tuna on top. All so one is not overly embarrassed by the number on the scale each Saturday morning. I think I will not weigh myself between Fat Club visits. It will feel less like a diet if I don't obsess about the scale each morning. Just eat right, do the exercise, and let the chips (or the hips) fall where they may.

The purpose of this, of course, is to get my weight back down to where I can fit into my business suits by this time next year, when I'll have to be interviewing for jobs. Given my up-and-down weight over the past thirty years, trying every diet under the sun, and my various and sundry medical issues, I don't know if this will be doable. But I'm darned well gonna try.


Lorraine said...

Hey -- I just joined that same Club too, just this past Wednesday! .. I went to one meeting, and I must confess that I rolled my eyes a bit (on the inside only) when the leader asked, in an oh-so-perky voice "Okay! who's had a good week?" lol... however, I will say that the thought of getting back on those scales next week has kept me from snacking so much. And I also must confess that I would love to be able to raise my hand and say I've lost a few pounds! My goal is to get back into my jeans that used to be comfortable. We'll start there. One woman at my church has lost 54 pounds so far in the same Club. She's my hero. (although, thankfully I don't have to lose that much.)

So -- how is the semester going? I've got the second semester of Systematics, Reformed Theology, the colloquy that goes along with my field placement, my field placement itself, school choir (so rehearsal once per week, and required chapel once per week). Also I have to finish my paper from that immersion I went on in January. Should keep me busy. Two theology classes in one semester is already wearing on us. But it has to be done. Since Not-So-Big-Seminary is Methodist they don't offer Reformed Theology very often. So when it is offered we Presbyterians have to leap at the chance. Unfortunately this chance came during Systematics. Well, we're hoping that they'll reinforce each other. If it doesn't kill us first.

What about you?

Count those points!

Lauralew said...

Hi Mibi, I joined the same club 4 weeks ago and have lost ten pounds. It does work if you follow it! My problem is I don't like salad in the wintertime so I've been eating lots and lots of steamed broccoli. But the recipes are really flavorful and my husband is losing weight just by eating what I cook.

But there is nothing like adding bodily catabolism to your already full plate!

mibi52 said...

So the schedule for this semester is the second half of Systematics, the third and final quarter of Church History, Field Ed (with the corresponding colloquy group), Christian ethics, the Sung Service (a very Anglican thing!), and Theology of Mission. I'm also co-leading Tuesday night Evensong, serving as TA for Church Music, am a soloist in the choir, plus other assorted odds and ends.

I am hoping to lose 35 pounds over the course of the year. The points thing is interesting. The E-tools stuff on their website makes it very easy to keep track of what you're eating and how the points work. Since they've got a lot of brand-name products, it saves you typing in all the details...a good thing.

Mary Beth said...

Yeah for you! I am in the same club...not a very stellar member at this point but I've been a lifetime member twice in the past. It does work!

I tagged you for a silly book meme...