Saturday, February 16, 2008

Busy Weekend

It is Big Old Seminary's Conference on Ministry, where prospective students and their significant others come to the campus for a few days to see what we're all about. It's a lovely blend of the sublime and the ridiculous. There was community dinner last night (I wish the refectory folks gave us such lovely food during the regular weekdays) followed by a community Eucharist. It was something of a coming-out party for the reconstituted choir, which our new Church Music professor has really revitalized. Great stuff, and a good sermon from our Dean. A friend from my home parish is queued up to come here next year, and it was great seeing her at the event and know she'll carry on the St P's tradition (whatever that is) by following me in here.

I went to Fat Club this morning and got weighed in. My loss was 3.6 pounds, ten percent of what I should lose. Would that it would keep coming off at that rate, but I know that's not the way weight loss works, so I'm grateful for the good start but braced for the long haul.

Today is Off-Campus Housing Tours (I'm co-chair of that one), icon writing, rehearsal for the Middler Class Skit for tonight's variety show (the ridiculous stuff mentioned above), dinner with some of our guests at another seminarian's house, then the Variety Show. I get a pass on going to Saint Middle School for tonight's service, but will have to get up bright and early for tomorrow's service.

Thank goodness we've got Monday off, so I can catch up on schoolwork, or a nap or something.


Lorraine said...

Woot! 3.6!! That's a great accomplishment!

My first week in the same Club was good too. Did you find it difficult? I thought it wasn't too bad, but what I craved the most was real butter on good bread. You know, the kind of crusty, chewy bread from a good bakery. sigh.... I'd rather not eat it than eat it with some "low-fat spread".

Anyway.... trying to stand firm here, in the middle of Girl Scout cookie week. And I have a Girl Scout, so my living room is full of boxes of high-point goodies.

And school.... how's school? My only comment about that is aaaaack. (reading, reading, reading...)

Lauralew said...

Congrats, Mibi, for being able to do all you do and stay sane.

The first few weeks in the Club have been very good to me. I've lost enough that my daily POINTS allowance has been reduced--and I feel as if I'm starving. It is only one point difference which is not much!

A retired priest in my current parish gave an Adult Forum presentation today that really sounded familiar--then I found his main resource was the Brown book you and I used in NT!

mibi52 said...

Hi, guys! The Club wasn't bad. I do like the philosophy that there is no bad food, there's only eatly badly, and having the control to manage portions and points. Of course, PH and I are going to restaurant for dinner tonight (a belated Valentine's Day dinner) so I may blow my extra points all in one fell swoop. I had something like 28 left over last week. Of course, if I had Girl Scout cookies in the house, I'd be sorely tempted.

Laura, I can't wait to see you back here on campus next fall! The energy level is so high with the new dean. He's got all sorts of ideas and projects cooking, and is moving all sorts of folks around. I don't know if you're aware of it, but he has a Dean's Commentary every day Mon-Fri - it's a link on the front page of the Big Old Seminary website. It will give you some idea of how much stuff is going on. CMT is being turned into a "Welcome Center," CMT will move to Key Hall, the choir is still negotiating where we will move, our short New York professor is heading up not only Lifetime Education, but also CMT and Dmin, in something called the Institute for Spiritual Formation and Leadership....and mirabile dictu, there will actually be signs at the entrances to the campus saying who we are! Interesting times.

Lorraine said...

P.S. Not-So-Big-Seminary does not give us Monday off. sigh...