Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Still Here

...but busy like everyone else.

I've been asked to be TA (teaching assistant) for the Church Music prof and to function as his music assistant,which is a gas and an honor and it pays, so life is good. I doubt it would take more than ten hours a week, so it should be quite manageable.

Today was Quiet Day at Big Old Seminary, with silence and imposition of ashes and eucharist and meditations from my bishop. Midday I went over to the dr's to get my platelet count checked, and it is now back to normal range. Thank you, Jesus! I was a bit anemic, which explains why I feel sort of tired, but I was so happy to get the good news about the platelets.

At 5:30, I drove out to Saint Middle School to assist at their Ash Wednesday service. I imposed the ashes on the vicar, my first time doing that - it was a moving moment. The service was lovely, although we are experiencing shockingly warm weather here (got up to 73 deg F today) and it was brutal and sweaty wearing a cassock and surplice and being under the lights. I felt like a giant ThermaCare heat wrap. Got home about 9:45 pm, and I am so ready to sleep now.

Litigator, newly graduated from college, is coming tomorrow for a couple of days' visit. Life is good!


Towanda said...

Glad for the good health news.

Mary Beth said...

Ditto that!

Lauralew said...

Praise be!