Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Functioning, Barely

The husband of dear friend L lent me a power cord, so I have a functional laptop. After speaking to Dell folks in Mumbai and Texas, another power cord is winging its way to me, but won't arrive until after the ST exam, so I am doubly grateful for the lent cord.

A dear friend is leaving seminary to take some time to heal his heart and soul. Peace to him.

The Systematics exam looms tomorrow. I am given to understand that the prof is very gracious in her grading. May it be so. My brain is mush.

The long paper for her class is now over 10 pages and is still not done. I think it will clock in at 13 or 14. I hope to finish it tomorrow afternoon.

Several of us are going to tea on Friday afternoon at the Ritz. We can probably ill afford it financially, but we can most definitely use the pampering after this semester. Several of us will be celebrating the mid-point of our life at seminary, two will celebrate heading into their last semester, two will celebrate surviving their first semester. These measures are not reflective of the depth of the feelings we have about all this, and the length of the journey we are all on.

Thank God for the time to step away from our studies and immerse ourselves in this season of hope and family.


Lorraine said...

Good luck on that Systematics exam! Mine almost did me in. Seriously. It was on a Monday afternoon, and Tuesday I woke up totally fuzzy-headed, and needed a two-hour nap that afternoon to recover! lol... (I only tell you this since you seem like a dedicated student, and I'm sure you've studied as much as you possibly could at this point.)

Glad you got a power cord. Are you allowed to use your computer for the exam? Some of our professors let anyone use a computer, others only allow those who have a disability accommodation.

Enjoy that tea at the Ritz. I've never been but it's something I'd love to do. I hope you'll describe for us readers all the yummy things you had to eat.

Good luck tomorrow!

Lorraine said...

Hmmm.... waiting to hear how the Systematics exam was. And if the paper is finished. =)