Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Brain is Full

That seems to be the operative phrase these days, as we memorize another 25-30 Hebrew words per day plus a new verb paradigm every couple of days. I still seem to be aceing the class, but we'll see what happens on the exam on Friday.

The Oral Interpretation fo Scripture calss has gotten more interesting and challenging. I worked on Isaiah 53:1-6 for today. What a problematical text for a reader! The first verse had me frustrated, so I went to a couple of commentaries, Brueggeman "Theology of the Old Testament" and then picked PH's brain for a while. I came up with a reading that my prof and classmates found compelling, but I find it hard to imagine spending as much time on the job on a reading, rather than a text I'm exegeting for a sermon. I now know that all those times I read in church before were less than distinguished. I also realize that training lay lectors is a challenge.

We got our orientation to Clinical Pastoral Ed today, and I've got ideas about a couple of places I'd like to apply. I'm looking at the places that scare me the most - the ones most likely to stretch me. Heaven knows I never do things the easy way, so this would fit. We'll be doing CPE next summer, but the application process starts in September. The prep work and application process will overlap that of Field Ed, so I should be truly overwhelmed most of the fall.

PH is happy my advisor talked me down from the insanity of trying to do 16 credits in the fall - I've cut it back to 13, which will be enough in every sense.NT will overlap OT, Liturgics, Liturgical Music, continuing Hebrew, the Field Ed prep class. I'll just be glad not having a bunch of new Hebrew words to memorize every single day.

I think I need a nap.


Questing Parson said...

Sounds as though your plate is full. Gracious, one more course and you might really be in need of CPE, so you can counsel yourself.

Hang in there. In the end it's all a blessing.

Cathy said...

Just looking at your schedule makes me want to take a nap.

mibi52 said...

Thank goodness for vitamins, regular exercise (brief though it may be), an understanding husband, and friends both old and new.