Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm a Stranger Here Myself

We are more or less settled in to our new digs. I'm still adjusting to settling in to my new life.

I've found a good local drugstore, an adequate supermarket which will hold me until the new Harris Teeter is completed just down the road, a place to get the car inspected and some good walking routes for my morning walking meditation time. We've met several seminarian families and have almost finished the rehab of the basement. The books are unpacked - a major undertaking - and the cats have come out from behind the furnace. My spices are now on shelves, and enough of my kitchen stuff is unpacked so I can cook a decent meal. The menu tonight was baked bay scallops, fresh corn, and a salad of grape tomatoes, mozzarella and basil with vinaigrette. Some leftover butterscotch brownies to round it all out, and some leftover Pinot Grigio from last night to smooth the rough edges.

I've got a new library card, I've registered to vote, and the DSL line for my work computer is nearly functional. I can mostly work our voice mail and snail mail appears to be getting forwarded properly.

I haven't found an Asian food market, a small mom and pop hardware store for when I don't have the intestinal fortitude to brave Home Depot, or some good ethnic restaurants.

Rationally, I know that I'm settling in remarkably quickly. I just wish I felt less like a stranger and more like I belong here. An odd sensation, feeling like I'm 17 again. I expect that once I start class I will feel a lot better, or at least less alien.

I think it's time for another brownie.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Sounds like you are settling in well. When do classes start? How far are you from the seminary?

Hope things continue to go well.

Mary Beth said...

Brownies, like love, conquer all. :)

Praying for you to feel at home soon. I look back 10 years at my last move and oh, my, am I glad I am here. I delight in where I live. But I sure remember being where you are now. Just think of the delights to come.


Quotidian Grace said...

Brownies are good.

What classes do you take the first semester? Hope you find that Asian market soon.

mibi52 said...

Classes start on Monday. Three weeks of intensive Hebrew and Oral Interpretation of Scripture. Come September, I'll continue Hebrew, and will probably do NT and OT and Intro to Field Ed or a Church Music class. We'll see what my advisor says.

Haven't found an Asian market yet, but I found an awesome Middle Eastern one. I think I'll make a chicken tagine Thursday night.

We've got Community Eucharist and potluck cookout Wednesday night, which should be fun. Monday night there will be a big family dinner at the refectory...StrongOpinions will be home from Wisconsin by then, so she should be there for that, right before she leaves for college the next day.

Should be a busy couple of weeks ahead.

Gallycat said...

not sure where you are specifically, but DFH lived in that neck of the woods for a while and knows the area pretty well. if we can help you get acquainted, let us know!

Oh, and I have a job interview at EHS next week. :)